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Best practices for router interface description format

Implementing company-wide standards for interface description strings in routers or switches should be a top priority for all network engineers. Well defined and structured description strings helps with automation for the most tedious and boring manual steps associated with deployment, configuration, monitoring and decommission of any network connections. Network interface descriptions should include some of […]


Manage all Telco circuits and circuit contracts with Nectus CircuitDB

We are proud to announce that our next Nectus release will include the most powerful and feature rich telco circuit management platform available on the market today. Nectus CircuitDB provides a central repository of all of your circuit contracts and provide reminders well before contract expiration times so you can renegotiate better prices with your telco […]

New version of IP Port Scanner released

New version 3.2 of our famous Smiley IP Scanner application has been released. It features improved user interface and faster more reliable operation. Supports all modern Windows OS. Scans for live IPs within specified range and checks for open TCP  ports for each live IP address. Scans for open TCP ports even if IP address […]

Nectus NetFlow collector VM sizing

When selecting specs for Nectus VM that will be used for Netflow collection storage we recommend following specifications: RAM: Amount of RAM has to be not less that Netflow DB size growth in one week. Example:  Your Netflow  storage grows by 10GB every day. Recommended RAM amount is 70GB CPU: Number of logical cores has […]

Cisco SmartNet validation automation with Nectus

One of the key features of Nectus is ability to get instant SmartNet validation for any piece of Cisco hardware  you have. SmartNet validation is implemented via “Cisco Smart API” interface available for selected customers with SNTC (SmartNet Total Care) or Partners with PSS (Partner Support Service) agreements. Nectus SmartNet validation requires API account (Client […]

Using Nectus for Cisco VIRL Topology monitoring

One of the limitations of VIRL that it does not provide real-time visual Up-Down status for Interfaces in your VIRL topology. Pairing VIRL with Nectus give you best of both worlds. To allow Nectus to monitor your VIRL topology enable and configure SNMP on your VIRL routers and ensure L3 reachibility  between your VIRL subnets […]

Nectus Licensing and Pricing

Here is current Nectus Licensing model and how list price is calculated. Additional discounts can be applied to the list price based on .. a lot of things List price: $100  for each actively monitored device (router, switch, server..etc) Example: Network with 40 routers, 50 switches and 10 servers. Monitoring is enabled for all of […]

Nectus version 1.2.15 released.

Build 1.2.15 released for selected POC customers.    Download Current list of major features that are available out of the box without special licensing: Network Discovery Network Monitoring (SNMP v2/v3) Netflow Collector (requires second VM for storage) Syslog Server SNMP trap Server Network Topology Visualization HTTP URL Monitoring SQL Server Monitoring (new feature) Windows Server […]