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Future of Network Visualization

If you still using Visio for your network diagrams you are a dinosaur. You may be very good at it and have millions of very nice looking stencils  but your network diagram becomes obsolete the moment  you finished working on it. Network diagram made in Visio is what your think your network diagram looks like […]

Preventing false positives during device UP/DOWN Status monitoring

It is important to distinguish between monitored device “down” event and event when monitoring application itself loses network connection. When network monitoring application itself losses network connectivity it should not result in alert emails or text messages with monitored device down events as it would be classified as false positive alerts. To monitor its own […]

Why not all of my network devices are discovered?

Here is the list of the the possible reasons why some of the network devices can be missing after Network Discovery: SNMP is not configured or misconfigured  on missing device (Test SNMP operation via Tools -> SNMP Walk). SNMP ACL on missing device does not permit requests from Nectus IP Address  (Test SNMP operation via […]

How Nectus finds rogue or misconfigured SNMP devices

During installation user must provide a standard corporate SNMP v2 or v3 Read-only credentials to be used for network discovery. For each live IP address Nectus tries to use standard SNMP parameters as a first choice  but in addition to standard credentials Nectus attempts to use some of the well-known SNMP strings such as v2 […]

New products added to Nectus device platform database (Oct 2017)

Platform_id Product_name Product_category . Cisco PGW 2200 Softswitch Cisco Protocol Gateways . Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 Cable Modem and Wireless Router Motorola Cable Modem and Wireless Routers . Cisco Virtual PSTN Gateway Cisco Virtual PSTN Gateways .1.2.826.0.1.4616240.1.1.4515 Cisco TelePresence MCU 4515 Multiparty Conferencing Unit Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500 Series Video Conferencing Units .1.2.826.0.1.4616240.1.1.4505 Cisco TelePresence MCU […]

Network Discovery timers vs Network Monitoring timers

One of the first steps that we normally perform during POC is timer tuning for ICMP and SNMP for Discovery and Monitoring services. Normally Discovery should have different timer values than Monitoring because Discovery operates in a “pessimistic” model when IP address that is being probed by Discovery engine is likely not to be alive […]

How fast is your Network Discovery Tool?

Nectus Network Discovery engine is one of the fastest among all that I worked with .. and I worked with most of them (Cisco Works, Prime, Solarwinds, ManageEngine, Remedy, BMC) I remember when it took Cisco Prime to scan whooping 24 hours. Nectus finishes in under 3 hours. Speed of the discovery is […]

How to Manually Start Network Discovery

Normally Discovery process runs every night or every weekend, but sometimes it is required to manually initiate Network Discovery at this specific moment. User has two options: Option 1 (Discovery starts within 6 min) Change the value of “Minimum  Interface Between Discoveries” to smallest possible value of 0.1 hour (6 min) and Network Discovery will […]

Nectus Syslog and keyword based alerting

One of the unique features of Nectus Syslog service is ability to alert users via Email or Text messages not only on Syslog message Severity level but on specific keywords inside Syslog message. For example you can configure a rule to alert via email when there is Syslog message with Severity 2+ and there is […]

Finding MAC Address in a haystack

We all know how hard it is sometimes to find one single MAC address in the big network.. You have to look through the forwarding tables of many switches. Nectus makes it easy. We scan forwarding tables from all the switches as part of regular Discovery jobs and save all MAC addresses and corresponding Switch […]

Changing color scheme for Nectus GUI pages

Some of the users complained about gloomy Nectus color scheme. The reason for dork color scheme is lesser strain on eyes during long troubleshooting sessions but for those who still wants to enjoy more contemporary colors we added ability to switch between dark and light colors scheme for Go to “Settings -> Miscellaneous Settings” and switch […]

Adding to Syslog keyword Blacklist

If you want to prevent specific Syslog messages from being added to Syslog Database, you can add a specific keyword to a Syslog blacklist and all syslog messages that contain this keyword will be discarded. This does not have retroactive effect on messages that are already in DB.