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How to work with SNMP v2 Contexts in Nexus 7000

This is an example on how to obtain list of IP addresses assigned to Interfaces inside specific SNMP Context on Nexus 7000 Step 1. Obtain list of all SNMP Contexts by sending SNMP GET Bulk for cContextMappingVrfName (. Response: ‘’=>”management” In this response Nexus 7018 Switch has only one SNMP context with a name “management” […]

Supporting multiple SNMP versions within the same network

Very often our customers  has to live trough the M&A process where merging networks are configured with different SNMP parameters. It can be just different  SNMP v2 community strings of different flavors of ciphers in SNMP v3. To support multiple SNMP settings within the single management domain Nectus implements a concept of SNMP profiles. User […]

How to create a Command Script?

To create a new command script open  “Tools->Command Scripts” in main menu and select “Add New Script” Button. Here is an example of the Script for Cisco router to push AAA config change.   To push the command script to devices, Press “Play” button, Select target Device View and press “Run”

Network device icon customization in Nectus

Nectus comes with hundreds of standard device icons but sometimes user may want to change default icon for specific device type to something different. Supported icon format is  SVG with width=”168px” height=”114px. To change device icon, right click on Device Category and select “Properties”     Select “Upload SVG icon from Local Disk  

Configuring Netflow collector integration on Nectus 1.28

Starting from version 1.28 Nectus supports processing of inbound Netflow packets. To enable Netflow functionality separate standalone Server or VM is required for Storage. 64 bit MySQL Server has to be installed on Netflow storage VM and DB Name, Root credentials and TCP port for Netflow Storage DB  has to be configured on main Nectus Server […]

Interface Utilization issues on Cisco GRE tunnels (IOS-XR)

By default when you create a GRE tunnel  (tunnel-ip1) on ASR9K routers it gets assigned default Bandwidth value of 8Kbps which usually causes utilization monitoring confusion as Tunnel can carry as much traffic as its hardware parent interface where tunnel is anchored to. You would see utilization values as high a 10,000% percent with default Bandwidth […]

How to read Cisco device S/N via SNMP?

During network discovery phase Nectus collects S/N for each device that responds to basic SNMP queries. One of the problem with Cisco  Devices is that different platforms uses different OID to store S/N. Following OIDs are being used for Cisco: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

SNMPv3 AES Cipher bug in IOS-XR 5.3.4 (ASR9000)

Just run into a IOS-XR bug with running SNMP v3 with AES-128 cipher (as well as AES-192 and AES-256) on ASR 9000 Routers running 5.3.4 Code. Apparently Cisco BUG ID CSCvd35831. Fixed in 6.2.xx code. Upgrading ASR9K is fun that can take 4-5 hours per box but having SNMP communications secure is more important. Consider upgrading. […]