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How to get Interfaces’ ifIndex values via SNMP

To obtain list of ifIndex values for all interfaces for given device SNMP polling agent has to send SNMP GET BULK request for the following OID:  . Response Example: ‘.’ => “1” ‘.’ => “2” ‘.’ => “3” ‘.’ => “4” ‘.’ => “5” ‘.’ => “6” ‘.’ => “7” ‘.’ => “8” ‘.’ => […]

SNMPv3 Configuration example for IOS-XR (ASR9k)

IOS-XR SNMP v3 configuration example for username “user_des”   snmp-server group admins v3 priv snmp-server user user-des admins v3 auth md5 “authpass” priv des56 “privpass” SystemOwner   this configuration will use MD5 hash for authentication and DES cipher (DES56) for encryption. IOS-XR (as of 5.3.4 code) also supports 3DES  – 168 bit 3DES algorithm for […]

How does Nectus discover your network?

During Nectus installation user can define up to 10 IPv4 subnets that will be used as initial seed subnets for ICMP scan. Immediately after Installation is completed Nectus starts ICMP scan of provided subnets and builds a list of live IP addresses that responded to Ping.

Submitting unknown SNMP devices for classification in Nectus

When Nectus discovers a new device it uses its SNMP sysObjectID ( value to classify device by manufacturer, by major platform category and by model number. For example sysObjectID value of Defined as: Manufacturer Value: Cisco Systems (9) Major Category: Cisco ASR 9000 Aggregation Services Routers Model: Cisco ASR 9006 Routers

Can I see your network diagram?

What is the first question you ask when you start a new network project or start a new job as a network engineer?”: – Can I see your network diagram? Lucky you if you get it right away and in the “right” format (Visio?) but in my past I remember places where it took me […]