Call things what they are or First rule of good software tool

I am obsessed with names and naming conventions.
I may spend 10 min just thinking what is the good name for BGP route policy taking into account all possible variations, alphabetic sorting rules, future possible changes, readabilty..etc.

I also never trust developes to come with names for GUI elements simply because they don’t know the networking lingo.
Sometimes I force them to rename GUI elements 2-3 times until I feel that title selected describes it the best.

I try to find names for SQL columns that are most intuitive for people that will be using it 3-5 years from now.

If someone sees the SQL column with name “timestamp” will it be easy to understand? What kid of Timestamp is this? For what?

So I go and rename it to something like “flow start timestamp” to make it more human friendly.

It may take a bit more space in source code but it makes source code and GUI elements more human.
It makes source code more like a story that you can read and not having to decode. That is my universe and I stand on it.

I do it because I know the first hand that most frustation with Software caused by developers that design tools from developer prospective and not from end user.

But one day I met Agile and my universe was shattered in pieces. Scrum, Sprint, Story, Epic…

They even had to release a Vocabulary to translate those terms to plain English.

Am I the only person that hates it? I sweared that we will never use Agile in our company.

We value our developers the same as we value Nectus users and will never make them to use bad software tools.

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