Network Monitoring

Nectus Network Monitoring Module offer one of the best and feature rich SNMP based network tools available on the market today.

Support for 1200 different vendors and 30,000 individual products.

Monitoring for  standard and custom SNMP metrics.

Standard Device Metrics

  1. CPU Utilization
  2. RAM Utilization
  3. TCAM Utilization
  4. Software Configuration  change
  5. Hardware Configuration Change
  6. Power Supply an Fan Status (via Custom SNMP trackers)
  7. Login Events
  8. SNMP and ICMP Reachibility
  9. SNMP and ICMP Latency
  10. VPN Tunnel UP/DOWN Status
  11. BGP Session UP/DOWN Status

Standard Interface Metrics

  1. Rx/Tx Utilization
  2. Errors
  3. Dropped packets
  4. Total packets
  5. SNMP and ICMP Reachibility

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