Cisco SmartNet Validation

Cisco SmartNet validation automation with Nectus


One of the key features of Nectus is ability to get instant SmartNet validation for any piece of Cisco hardware  you have.

SmartNet validation is implemented via “Cisco Smart API” interface available for selected customers with SNTC (SmartNet Total Care) or

Partners with PSS (Partner Support Service) agreements.

Nectus SmartNet validation requires API account (Client ID and Client Secret). Contact your local Cisco rep to apply for one.

Following SmartNet reports are currently implemented in Nectus:

  1. SmartNet coverage status
  2. End of Sales Status
  3. End of Support Status
  4. Current list of Bugs for each platform + IOS combination
  5. Recommended version of IOS for each hardware platform

To access SmartNet reports to go “Reports -> Cisco SmartNet Reports” in Nectus GUI


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