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NetFlow Configuration Examples for Cisco Routers

Catalyst 4500 Series Switch IOS NetFlow Configuration ——————————————————————- switch(config)# ip flow ingress switch(config)# ip flow ingress infer-fields switch(config)# ip flow-export destination <Nectus IP address> 2055 switch(config)# ip flow-export source Loopback0 switch(config)# ip flow-export version 9 switch(config)# ip flow-cache timeout active 1 switch(config)# ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15 Cisco 3800 Series Router NetFlow Configuration —————————- Step […]

Configuring VMware monitoring

Nectus release 1.60 includes with a new VMware monitoring module. Nectus can monitor following VMware infrastructure elements: vCenter servers ESX Hosts Datastores Virtual Machines Nectus can monitor and alert on following  metrics for all elements: ICMP Availability and Latency CPU utilization RAM utilization Storage free space availabilty Disk Read/Write rates Disk I/O Transactions rate Disk […]


How to install SSL Certificate for Nectus GUI

This guide explains how to generate the CSR code and install a commercial SSL certificate for Windows Apache so that you could access your Nectus GUI page securely via HTTPS. It assumes that during Nectus installation, you selected the default location which is C:\Program Files\Nectus. If you installed Nectus in a different folder, make sure […]


Configuring Linux Monitoring in Nectus

Configuring Linux Monitoring in Nectus Nectus Server 1.55 adds feature to monitor some system parameters on hosts running Linux. Enabling this feature for your infrastructure requires two steps: Configuring of Nectus Server; Installing and configuring of Nectus remote agents on target Linux machines. This guide describes steps for Nectus Server configs. Installing and configuring of […]

Linux Monitoring Agent Installation

Linux Monitoring Agent Installation Nectus Linux Monitoring Agent is required to be installed on target machine to enable Nectus to monitor Linux system parameters such as CPU and RAM utilization, Storage and Network Utilization. Agent collects all the required monitoring metrics and reports to the main Nectus Server every 5 minutes.   Step 1: Download […]

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ClickHouse DB Installation for Nectus Netflow & Syslog Storage

ClickHouse Database Installation for Nectus Netflow & Syslog Storage Requirements: Ubuntu Server 18-20 More information about installation on other OS’s can be found here: https://clickhouse.yandex/docs/en/getting_started/ Step 1 Import the public key: apt-get update sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv C8F1E19FE0C56BD4 NOTE: It is recommended to import the public key if it’s a fresh Ubuntu install. Otherwise […]


Monitoring BGP Sessions with Nectus

Monitoring BGP Sessions with Nectus Nectus 1.2.53 introduces ability to automatically discover and monitor iBGP and eBGP sessions across all router types and manufacturers. Nectus scheduled network discovery automatically finds all the BGP sessions via SNMP polls and adds it to Nectus database where user can group them by type and enable active monitoring and […]


UPS Health Status Monitoring with Nectus

UPS Status Monitoring with Nectus Health monitoring of UPS units is one of the most critical tasks of network infrastructure monitoring. If UPS fails during power outage it results in immediate network downtime resulting in loss of revenue and degrading user experience. Most of the modern UPS Units perform daily self-tests and results of those […]