Submitting unknown SNMP devices for classification in Nectus


When Nectus discovers a new device it uses its SNMP sysObjectID ( value to classify device by manufacturer,

by major platform category and by model number.

For example sysObjectID value of

Defined as:

Manufacturer Value: Cisco Systems (9)

Major Category: Cisco ASR 9000 Aggregation Services Routers

Model: Cisco ASR 9006 Routers Read more

Can I see your network diagram?


What is the first question you ask when you start a new network project or start a new job as a network engineer?”:

– Can I see your network diagram?

Lucky you if you get it right away and in the “right” format (Visio?) but in my past I remember places where it took me weeks to find the right person who

had that diagram, which was very often not up to date or did not contain information I needed or was only showing application layer components and

I still had to spend hours doing “show cdp nei” and re-creating drawings the way I like it with the information I needed. Read more