Supporting multiple SNMP versions within the same network


Very often our customers  has to live trough the M&A process where merging networks are configured with different SNMP parameters.

It can be just different  SNMP v2 community strings of different flavors of ciphers in SNMP v3.

To support multiple SNMP settings within the single management domain Nectus implements a concept of SNMP profiles.

User can define up to 10 different SNMP profiles and Nectus Discovery will try them all in predefined order.

For each live IP address Nectus discovery will try each of the profiles until match is found.

Once correct profile is found it gets associated with specific device or IP address  and all further SNMP communications

for this specific device will be done with its “good”  SNMP profile.

To configure  SNMP profiles “Settings -> Network Discovery Settings -> SNMP Profiles”