Nectus DB Migration by manually copying DB files to a new server.


Nectus DB Migration by manually copying DB to a new server.

Step 1: Prepare new server by performing clean Nectus installation with the same Nectus version as on old server

Step 2: Stop all Nectus services on the new server

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Step 3: Delete all the content from “C:\Program Files\Nectus\Database” folder on new server.

Step 4: Copy complete “C:\Program Files\Nectus\Database” folder from the old Nectus server to the “C:\Program Files\Nectus\Database” folder on the new server

Step 5: Copy file “C:\Program Files\Nectus\Web\Apache24\htdocs\protected\config\database.ini” from old server to the same location on new server.

(Overwrite existing file).


Step 6: In all *.ini files located in “C:\Program Files\Nectus” folder on new server update

DatabasePassword=wL1Kdnl6h$ line with a new password for username “vconsole” which can be found in

C:\Program Files\Nectus\Web\Apache24\htdocs\protected\config\database.ini” file.


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Step 7: Open the Registry Editor and in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Virtual Console LLC -> Nectus

update passwords for the three database accounts. (New passwords can be found in database.ini file)


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Step 8: Start all Nectus Services

Migration Complete.