High Performance (30K flows per second) Netflow collector added to Nectus starting from version 1.2.6


Following Netflow reports are available for all Nectus Suite users starting from version 1.2.6

  1. Top Flows by Protocols
  2. Top Flows by Application
  3. Top Flows by BGP AS Source + Destination
  4. Top Flows by BGP AS Source
  5. Top Flows by BGP AS Destination
  6. Top Flows by IP Source + Destination
  7. Top Flows by IP Source
  8. Top Flows by IP Destination
  9. Top Flows by Source Countries
  10. Top Flow by Destination Countries

All reports are supplied with  IP Geolocation information. Netflow collector is a licence free component of Nectus suite.

Supported Netflow formats: V5, V9, IPFIX

Max number of flows per second: 30,000

Netflow collector runs on a dedicated VM or standalone server with following recommended specs:

OS: Windows 64 Bit

RAM: 32GB+