Future of Network Visualization

If you still using Visio for your network diagrams you are a dinosaur. You may be very good at it and have millions of very nice

looking stencils  but your network diagram becomes obsolete the moment  you finished working on it.

Network diagram made in Visio is what your think your network diagram looks like but not what it actually is.

Network changes every day, every minute, every second. Links goes down, IGP flaps, Spanning tree re-converges,  BGP Churns.

Can you see all of that in Visio? Does your network diagram shows all the the action?

Can you see traffic distribution among LACP bundle members right on your network diagram in real time?

Can you spot asymmetric routing when you looks at Visio?

Modern JavaScript opens doors to an unlimited opportunities to making great web-based network diagrams on demand with

all the real time information overlaid.

If your Network mapping software does not give you all of that may be you are not using the right one?