Support for Ruckus Wireless Controllers added to Nectus


Support for  Ruckus Wireless Controllers was added to Nectus.

AP Name:

AP Name:

AP Model:

Operation Status:   (0 = Down, 1 = Up,  2,3,4 = Prep)

Connected Clients:

Coverage:  (1 = Indoor, 2 = Indoor-Distribute, 3 = Outdoor)

Connection mode:  (0 = Layer2, 1 = Layer3)

Serial Number:

Software Version:

HW Version:


CPU Utilization:

MAC Address:

IP Address:



DNS Server 1:

DNS Server 2:

Max Number of Clients:

Rogue Clients:

Wireless Bytes Rx:

Wireless Bytes Tx:

LAN Bytes Rx:

LAN Bytes Tx:

LAN Drops:

LAN Flaps: