We will update all of your network diagrams while you asleep..


Keeping your Visio network diagrams up-to-date is a full time job and not a fun one.
For any decent size network there are always changes happen every day and it is almost
impossible to keep track of those not to mention about adding those changes manually in Visio files.
The time of manual, static network diagramming is over.
Nectus (www.nectus5.com) is a a tool that makes all the manual work from network diagram creation process obsolete.
Nectus is the most advanced network discovery tool on the market that can generate network diagram
of any part of you network. You only need to pick a starting point, right-click and Select
“Expand Network Topology” and awesome looking network topology based on information from daily network discovery
will be ready in seconds. Network diagrams are based on database of “interconnections” discovered
via CDP and LLDP protocols which Nectus uses during its scheduled discovery jobs.
So as long as you run your discovery every night you can wake up every day knowing that that all of your
network diagrams are up to date.