Nectus NetFlow collector VM sizing


When selecting specs for Nectus VM that will be used for Netflow collection storage we recommend following specifications:

RAM: Amount of RAM has to be not less that Netflow DB size growth in one week.

Example:  Your Netflow  storage grows by 10GB every day. Recommended RAM amount is 70GB

CPU: Number of logical cores has to be not less than number of Netflow senders

Example: You have 16 routers sending Netflow data. Nectus creates one thread for each sender so ideal CPU configuration is with number of logical cores not less than 16.

Storage: We only recommend dedicated SSD based storage with minimum 200,000 IOPS rating.   We had very good experience with PCI-E Intel Optane SSD.

With recommended specs we should be able to support  close to 30Kfps Flow rates

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