Taking the Woodoo out of Cisco SmartNet coverage validation

It is that time of the year, that can cost you an arm and leg or save you thousands.

It is a time to renew your SmartNet coverage.

Can you tell which ones of your routers or switches are still covered?

Do you know which devices are out of Sale/Support now or will be soon?

This is the hard one: Do you have any devices that happened to be covered by multiple contracts from different companies?

If you can’t answer these questions, you are overpaying for your SmartNet big way.

But thanks to a Cisco Smart API and new Nectus Suite from www.nectus5.com now there is

an easy way to check SmartNet status for each device in real time. Nectus performs daily network discovery,

collects S/N from all the devices in your network and generates a SmartNet report for all devices in seconds.

Following SmartNet reports are available:

SmartNet coverage status

End of Sale Status

End of Support Status

Current list of IOS Bugs for given platform.

Note: SmartNet reports are only available for customers with SNTC (SmartNet Total Care) status or

Partners with PSS (Partner Support Services)