Next Generation of Network Discovery and Monitoring Tools.. and NetFlow


Next Generation of Network Discovery and Monitoring Tools

There are many reasons why your network needs to be monitored. It is essential to any network administrator to keep track of the network’s performance and usage in real time and to detect failures, slowness or any other threat that could be affecting the network. Every device that is added to the network, every change in the topology or any failure needs to be immediately detected. That is why we need a network monitoring software to make the best of our network and that is exactly what Nectus is for.

Nectus is a network discovery, monitoring and visualization software and its main role is to discover network topology, generate a visual network diagram and keep it up to date, detecting any failure or unusual behavior that could be affecting the network and alerting the network administrator immediately.

These are the Nectus key features:

  • Automatically discovers connections between devices (via Cisco Discovery Protocol) and stores all this connections in a Database.
  • Network discovery is run everyday and if any new device has been added to the network, the topology is updated automatically so network diagrams will always be up to date, no need to do it yourself so you will be saving your time. You can generate L2 and L3 network topology in just one click, way better than Microsoft Visio!
  • Real time monitoring is overlaid on top of network diagrams. You will be able to see utilization, errors and dropped packets or up/down status directly on your diagrams.
  • Automated configuration backup and configuration changes for routers and switches along with best practice audits so you can find and fix misconfigured devices.
  • Includes free integrated NetFlow collector.
  • Syslog Server: Store unlimited number of Syslog messages.
  • URL Monitoring: Monitor UP/DOWN and latency for any URL.
  • Track configuration differences. Easily find differences in configurations before and after the change.
  • Layer 3 Traffic Path Visualization: See how packets travel from A to B.

If you are looking for a software to keep your network in a best shape, then Nectus is your best choice!

You can download a 60 days fully functional demo at and try all these features yourself.