Proactive vs Reactive network monitoring with Nectus

Most of the enterprise grade monitoring tools allow predefined thresholds to be set for specific monitoring parameters such as interface utilization,

RAM utilization or percentage of free TCAM available on switches. When a specific metric exceeds a predefined threshold you will receive an email alert, text message, or…

a phone call from your manager.  Likely those thresholds are tuned to a higher side to prevent false positives or filter out the events with a short duration.

But in any case alerts will be sent after critical conditions have already occurred and damage has already been done. This approach is called reactive network monitoring

and it has its value. But what if you can get an alert before critical conditions actually happen?  Nectus NMS is a pioneer of next-gen proactive monitoring and in selected

case-studies it demonstrated an ability to forecast critical operational conditions up to 1 week in advance with 95% accuracy.

Nectus analyses historical daily, weekly  and monthly fluctuations of network operational metrics such as traffic volumes, interface utilization and extrapolates it

based on polynomial curves for next 7 days. This advanced mathematical approach demonstrated 95% accuracy in prediction of critical operational

conditions for next 7 days and 80% accuracy for next 30 days.

The more time you have before operational conditions actually reach critical thresholds, the more options you  have to fix it before it impacts production.

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