Secrets of creating the best Network Management Software

Very often I am invited to review new network related software products from other companies as an expert

in workflow and UI  optimization.  I always start with asking who designed the User Interface

and I see that in many cases user interface designer and a coder is the same person  and that where all the problems originate.

Golden rules of best software design:

User interface defines functionality so start with it.

User interface has to be designed by Subject Matter Expert not by a coder.

Person who designs UI may haven’t written a single line of code in his life, but he knows the work flow of the trade.

Start coding it only after UI is complete.


If you developing best Network Management software, SME has to get involved in DB design in very early stages:

It is Network Export who must decide how to call fields in SQL table that will be holding BGP session information not a DBA.

It is Network Expert who must decide how to call columns in JavaScript table that User will be seeing in reports not a Web designer.

It is Network Expert who has to check with C++ coder how he named those procedures that will be used to read ISIS peering info.

This may sounds like micromanaging, but this is what my 20 years experience in managing software development projects  tells me..

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