SNMP Device Status Color Codes


SNMP Device Status Color Codes

Nectus uses different colors to encode SNMP Device Status in Dashboards, Trees and Status Panels. There are three main color codes: Green, Red and Orange.

Green Color represent SNMP Device status when it is reachable by ICMP Probe and don’t have any critical interfaces Down.

Red Color represent SNMP Device status when it is not responding to ICMP Probe.

Orange Color represent SNMP Device that is reachable via ICMP but has at least one critical Interface down.

You can designate any Interface as critical by following these steps:

  1. Create Interface View that will contain all the Critical Interfaces
  2. Select this Interface View in Global Monitoring Settings

Critical Interfaces are marked by special “Star” icon in Interface List View

You can quickly add/remove Interface to Critical List by using Interface Context menu Option


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