Using Nectus for Cisco VIRL Topology monitoring


One of the limitations of VIRL that it does not provide real-time visual Up-Down status for Interfaces in your VIRL topology.

Pairing VIRL with Nectus give you best of both worlds. To allow Nectus to monitor your VIRL topology

enable and configure SNMP on your VIRL routers and ensure L3 reachibility  between your VIRL subnets and

Nectus Server IP address.   Define VIRL subnet in Nectus  “Settings” -> “Network Discovery”  and manually start discovery or

define discovery frequency which can be as low as every 6 min.  After Discovery finishes your should be able to see your VIRL topology in Nectus GUI.

Enable monitoring for Interfaces to allow Nectus to send SNMP polls every 30 sec to each virtual router’s interface.


Download 60 day Nectus trial


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