Monitoring of OpenFlow SDN networks

So.. you upgraded your network from legacy dedicated hardware to OpenFlow based SDN, laid off all of your network engineers who know CLI and ask yourself a question: How do I monitor my SDN now?

How do I pull a power supply status or CPU temperature? How to read TCAM utilization level? How to see an SFP status or number of CRC errors?

If we look into OpenFlow specifications, it defines communication protocol between OpenFlow controller (control plane) and OpenFlow switch (data plane) it goes into details of flow creation and management but there is nothing that tells how hardware monitoring has to be implemented on OpenFlow SDN switch.

Access to operational monitoring features that we love so much is not a part of OpenFlow specifications and will not be a part of SDN controller functionality. Old and proven SNMP-based monitoring is likely to continue to be a primary way to monitor your Data plane operation as it was with legacy dedicated hardware unless OpenFlow specs get expanded with new monitoring specifications.


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