Nectus Feature List



Nectus Feature List (October 2018)

  1. Network Discovery
  2. Basic SNMP Network Monitoring
  3. Basic SNMP Device Monitoring (CPU, RAM, TCAM, Up/Down)
  4. Basic SNMP Interface Monitoring (Errors, Dropped Packets, Traffic Volume, Utilization, Up/Down)
  5. Real Time Network Topology Visualization
  6. Windows Server Monitoring (CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, Services, Processes, Status, Up/Down)
  7. AWS Instance Monitoring and Backup (CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, Up/Down Status)
  8. MSSQL Database Monitoring
  9. HTTP URL Monitoring (Latency, Up/Down Status)
  10. Network Device Configuration Backup and Change Tracking
  11. Network Device Configuration Change Automation
  12. NetFlow Collector
  13. Syslog Collector
  14. Cisco SmartNet Status Reporting
  15. Wireless Monitoring and HeatMap Visualization
  16. CircuitDB (Database of All Telco Circuits)
  17. Network Engineer Toolset (Visual Ping, SNMP Walk, L3 Path Discovery, SSH Client)
  18. Best Practice Audits and Reports
  19. Top 100 Reports
  20. Operational Reports
  21. Email and Text Message based Alerting
  22. Custom Dashboards
  23. Google Map Outage Visualization

Many more coming in 2019 ..  !!!

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